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Wednesday Briefs: Lady #7 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. I was given many options to inspire this weeks brief. But I chose to go with the three photos below for this week.

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No! No! What has happened to me? What am I back to my true form? NO—this can’t be happening, not yet!

“My Lady? Oh, what have I done? I just wanted to put my knowledge of communication into your mind, so we could understand one another without limitations and worries. Oh, my lady. I’m so very sorry.” Dezso looks so stricken. On the verge of tears.

I believe I would look the same way if I was in the human form he’d gifted me with. The form I desired more than what I was born with. I wish I could communicate with him. I want to tell him not to worry. What is meant to be will happen for us both. But I do not know what to do in order to ‘tell’ him these things. So, I just think it over and over again. A constant loop in my mind…do not worry my love. What is meant to be will happen for us both, Dezso…

“I know my lady. But it hurts me…”He abruptly stops and glances in my direction. Looking, seeking and startled all at the same time. “You spoke in my mind. Please do it again. Tell me. What is your true name?”
I let out a puff of air through my snout while thinking my name Iria.

“Iria, it is so beautiful. A fitting name for you my lady. A name with true meaning to both forms I have seen of you. I am so very sorry Iria. I do not understand what went wrong. My intentions were to help you to be able to freely communicate with me in the human form. Not to turn you back. Unless…is that what you desired? To return to your true form?”

I stomp my front hooves with impatience and anger. “NO! I want you. I did not want back in this form. Not now. Not ever. I want to mate with you. Claim you as mine and spend the rest of my years in your arms.”
Dezso looks at me with shock. His mouth is opening and closing as a fish would out of the water that holds its life source. He gives his head a shake, takes a deep breath and releases it on a sigh. “I-I…”

Hearing a large splash, we both turn towards the falls and see the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. I know it is a female because it has breasts. Two of them as a human woman would have. She also wears jewelry along her ears, wrists and neck. All of it a silvery color. Her skin is the color of sage and her eyes are as pure white as my mane. She has a small patch of dark green hair on her head and a fin within its center. She also has tentacles of a sea creature moving like snakes in the sand toward the back of her head. One might think it creepy, but it all only makes her more beautiful in my eyes. She looks to me and smiles. Then turns to Dezso, frowns and shakes her head as if disappointed.

She then rises higher out of the water and sighs as she settles upon the flat rocks on the water fall. She’s still in the water, but not fully immersed. Just her bottom half is under. The rest of her is being showered by the falls. She looks to me again, and I feel as if she sees more than any other could ever see of me. I feel a push within my head, brief and strong. 

Then, I hear the sweetest most feminine voice I’ve ever heard. “You have prayed to the goddess, pure of heart and soul. She has sent me to do her bidding and grant you your wish. But it does not come without a price. Come closer and let me touch you, so I can present upon you what is requested in order to fulfill your wish. I shall not harm you precious one. I can only show you what I mean through touch, please?”

I take a few steps forward and come to a stop because Dezso lays a hand upon my crest, his fingers sifting and gripping through my mane. “Iria, I do not want harm to come upon you. Please stay close, so I can protect you. We don’t know what its purpose is.”

I give my head a slight shake and tell him with my thoughts, “She is not here to harm. She’s here to help. Please allow me to go.”

He runs his fingers through my mane once more and takes a step to the side. He’s a smart man. More reason to love him. 

I’ve not told him what was promised to me purposely. I want to be sure it is within reason and is real. I take the few more steps to the creature and ask it through my thoughts the first thing that comes to my mind. “Who are you and what is your name?”

“I am Tethys, one time queen of heaven. That is all you need to know right now. Please allow my touch, so I may show you what is meant for only you to see. This is what you must do if you would like to become of human form to mate with the magic man, your mate of choice. Your destiny…”

Tethys then puts both of her hands upon my head and I jolt and let out a sound that I cannot begin to describe. I distantly hear Dezso yell my name but can no longer focus on anything other than the images within my head. Flashes of a human female holding a child. A woman that looks as I do in the dreams. The child has dark hair as Dezso. Then there are flashes of Than with dozens of others like him. Destroying beauty and rarity every step they take. Murdering…

Come back next week for Lady #8...

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. Murdering??? Argh - what happens next?

    1. LOL- Sorry!!! I had to stick to the word count :)
      Thank you Victoria! Going to make my rounds in a bit!

  2. Way to end on the edge of a cliff. :) Of course I'll be back for more!

    1. Sorry about that Tali. But it's the best part of writing these with the word limit and all. Where it ends is where it ends :)
      I'm even looking forward to next week! I NEED to know what happens-lol

  3. Thank God they could at least hear each others thoughts.Wow on that fishy woman (Brilliant) So Lady can have everything she wants, Dezso and his baby.Murder omg i hate Than.Beautiful story Ava.

    1. We shall see where it goes. I hope it's a positive direction. Going to have to wait and see where the prompt guide me :)
      Thank you for the compliment and for reading <3

  4. There's always a price. Such a beautiful story. Sigh. At least she is able to communicate now. Communication is good right?

    1. Yup, ALWAYS!
      Yes, it is good! Hopefully it'll be a great thing soon ;)

  5. Hum... ominous ending Ava. interesting as usual.


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