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Review Her Wish, His Command by Malia Mallory

"Her Wish, His Command"
Her Wish, His Command (Dominating BDSM Billionaires #3)Author: Malia MAllory
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 111
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: June 3, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
Doctor Anna Foster may just get what she wants: sexy fellow researcher Jonah Granger. She's been in love with him for years, but Jonah has always been more interested in work at his family's business, Granger Pharma, than romance. Now that they've admitted their attraction, Anna may even be able to tell him what she really wants: to submit to him.

But Granger Pharma faces a hostile takeover. Sensitive data and samples are missing from Anna and Jonah's lab; it may be corporate espionage. Everyone is under suspicion and, and they're even beginning to question each other. Anna must discover the truth if she's going to save both her job and her relationship with the man she dreams of serving.

My Review:
Though it’s not the direction I thought Malia was going to go, I have to say Her Wish, His Command my favorite of the series so far! It’s sensual, exciting, mysterious and an all-around engrossing story that any fans of the genre will enjoy! It’s also written in a way it can be read as a stand-alone. But I recommend reading the others of the series because they are all enjoyable :)

Anna is a research scientist for a major company. She’s beautiful, smart and knows EXACTLY what she wants and needs in a relationship. She is also not afraid to admit it to her partner (much respect to you Anna!) Now if she can only find the right partner she’d be all set!
Jonah is 110% into his work. He lives it, breaths it and loves it! He’s not been able to hold onto a relationship for long, ever. But when him and Anna get together everything changes and he actually loves it (love this guy)!

I love the build and the overall chemistry between these two. I cannot wait for the next in the series! I hope Malia writes quickly (hint hint).

Overall Rating 4.5

 Sex Rating: 

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