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Review Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega Series #1) by Aline Hunter

"Omega Mine"
Author: Aline Hunter
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 246
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: September 23, 2011
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Goodreads Blurb:
A bond forged in blood. Fealty given to the one he desires above all others. Graced with the ability to shift into any form, Diskant Black is the absolute authority when it comes to New York shifters, and as the Omega of the city, his word is law. Protecting the shifter races is more than a job, it's a predisposition ingrained since birth-nothing is more important. Until a chance encounter with a tiny female sets fire to his blood, brings him to his knees and turns his world upside down. Ava Brisbane is more than he bargained for in a mate-beautiful, fragile...human. If he wants to keep her by his side, he'll have to sacrifice a portion of his soul to establish a bond that can never be broken. Unfortunately, the timing couldn't be worse. Shepherds-hunters of all the shifter races-have arrived in New York. To protect the woman he can't live without, Diskant will have to stand against those who have come to start a war.

My Review:
I love shifters!! This slightly original start to a new series has many things a fan of the genre looks for. It’s sensual, exciting, mysterious and fun. A definite must read for paranormal romance readers!

Ava is an intelligent, beautiful and strong willed female that is on a bit of a mission to get a family heirloom back within the family where it belongs. After her brother decided to pawn it off to someone. She feels it’s a must. (No good brother of hers!) One thing she does not expect to find is an irresistible Omega along her path to get the heirloom. What an Omega he is!

Diskant is the local Omega. He has the skill to shift into various animal forms. A rarity and highly respected position among shifters. He’s on route on day and finds a woman being attacked by vampires. Deciding to save the damsel in distress. He steps up and chases them away. He also finds one person he never thought he’d lay his eyes upon. His mate!

I absolutely LOVED the build and chemistry between these two. I felt it all as if I was one of the characters, right there going through the experience(s) (awesome!) I look forward to much more from this author :)

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