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F*ck Normal Mickey J. Corrigan Release Day Blitz

Bottom Drawer Publications is proud to announce the release of F*ck Normal, the latest novella out by established author, Mickey J. Corrigan. Mickey’s works are fast-paced, irreverent looks at life and this is no different.

Genre: Contemporary/Chick-lit
Book: Novella
Length: 21,000 words
Formats: ePub, mobi & PDF


What happens when you marry a serious intellectual with a rich fantasy life to a perfectionistic overachiever with a hot body? Sometimes you get discord and separation. Other times, you get Goodreads, too many bottles of Haut-Brion, a luxe swingers club, and Lexus sex.
Barton and Katelyn Fiske are a normal couple with some all-too-normal marital issues. The Fiskes have two small children, an underwater mortgage, and too many bills to pay. He works hard, she spends harder. They haven't had sex in months, and Barton is sleeping in the den of their colonial-style home in Downwind Beach, Florida. The Fiskes attend couples’ counseling, but it isn’t helping. They're on the verge of breaking up their ten-year marriage.
Katelyn wants her husband to stop fantasizing about a woman from his past. Barton wants his wife to stop prying into his private thoughts. And Dr. Colony, their high-end Palm Beach therapist, wants husband and wife to practice her mutualization exercises so that they can enjoy a normal relationship.
Fuck normal, Barton thinks. Little does he know, his wife is thinking the same thing.


Chapter One

Separation Ahead

On the day his marriage broke up, Bart Fiske was angry and horny, a dangerous mix. He drove his wife’s Lexus LX too fast, careening north on I-95 to Palm Beach, where their therapist had a practice geared toward millionaires with marital discord. And wannabe millionaires on the verge of a breakup, like the once happily married Fiskes.
The sky was overcast, the road slick. He jumped a lane, then sped past a surfer dude in a downbeat Honda Civic who honked and flashed him the finger. Bart was in no mood for road rage. His blood simmered throughout his tense body for more serious reasons. His emotions were, he thought, appropriate and accurately directed.
Bart hadn’t had sex with his wife in eleven months. This was not normal.
The Fiskes had fallen for one another when they were in college, and had weathered the rough ride of dating, engagement, marriage, and children. They had been wildly in love, and their sex life had reflected their passion for one another. But all that had changed. Suddenly, horribly, Bart’s wife didn’t want him anymore.
At first he’d been scared, then depressed, and finally, pissed off. Katelyn wouldn’t budge though. And even though they attended couples’ therapy every week, there had been no positive results. Bart had begun to wonder whether all the discussion about their problems was actually making everything worse. It certainly wasn’t making his mood (or his sex life) any better.
The morning’s events were a perfect example of how fucked up things were these days. After Bart dropped the kids at school, he’d returned home to pick up Katelyn for their ten-thirty with Dr. Colony. His BMW was in the shop, and they were sharing the SUV, which he parked out front. Their house, a pillared colonial with lush green lawns, looked like a real estate commercial. Katelyn’s taste was impeccable. Postcard perfect. Which didn’t come cheap.
When he walked in the front door, she was still in the shower. They’d chatted a bit this morning over cold cereal, bagels, and coffee. She’d been warm, her movements around the kitchen full of that confident energy he’d always loved. Maybe she was up for a therapeutic orgasm. Then they could talk about that in therapy, instead of why she was so unhappy with him.
He checked his watch: plenty of time for a quickie. He ran up the stairs two at a time, simultaneously shedding his suit jacket and loosening his tie. In the doorway to the master bedroom, a thickly carpeted twenty-by-twenty with three floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the backyard pool, Bart stripped off his shirt and pants. He’d be a wrinkled mess today at work, but so what? He was sex starved. Priorities, right? He needed his lovely wife’s lovely body. He needed her to need him inside her. That’s how things had once been for them, and it had worked so well between them. Love and intimacy, friendship and sex. Wasn’t that what marriage was all about?
He set his black-framed glasses on the night table beside the king-size bed. As he patted his hair into place and smoothed his beard, the shower stopped. Katelyn opened the bathroom door enough to let out a gust of vanilla-oatmeal scented steam.
Sweat dripped down Bart’s bare chest, and his erection stiffened even more. When he held her, his wife would be hot and wet, her smooth skin so damp he would slide right off as he mounted her. They would laugh, kiss some more, and he would slip inside her with a gentle, delicious . . .
How strange. She was humming a little song in what sounded like Spanish. But her voice was so bright and sunny that his erection throbbed. Bart hadn’t heard Katelyn sing in ages. These days, he could hardly get his wife to smile. But right now, she was obviously in a lighthearted mood.
Heart pounding like an anvil against his prominent ribs, Bart stood there, naked, turned on, ready for her. His wife. He waited for the woman he’d married to come to him and take him in her perfectly toned arms.
The door opened wider and Marianna, their cleaning lady, called out, “Iz you, Mr. Fiske? I clean the shower. Mrs. Fiske, she tell me to tell you she meet you there. Ten thirty. An’ don’ be late.”

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1st Prize: $10 BDP Voucher
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About the Author


Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them. The tropics provide a lush, steamy setting for hot romance and Florida pulp.

Mickey has published fiction in literary journals and online magazines. Novellas include Dream Job, a cyber romance which has been compared to Twilight Zone and The Matrix; Professional Grievers, a romantic comedy set among funeral and wakes; Me Go Mango, a girls' reunion gone wild; and Geekus Interruptus, the story of a not-so-bright woman who falls in love with a nerd. Sugar Babies is a novel about the soft prostitution industry. A thriller, the story follows three young women trying to pull themselves out of debt via arranged relationships with wealthy older men.

The Wild Rose Press is publishing Mickey's new series, The Hard Stuff. Each novella in the series focuses on a tough woman in a tough situation who falls for a man—and not the best man in her current circumstances. 

Mickey's romances are not normal love stories. Her stories are gritty, wild and dark, but often darkly funny. The protagonists are kickass women. They have spunk and sass. Their romantic involvements are unusual. These are not nice girls pursued by men with bouquets of roses and bottles of champagne. Love comes hard, but it is oh so real.

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