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#WedBriefs It's All in the Tips #10

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! 
As always, I was given numerous options to inspire this weeks brief. Today I chose to go with the following word prompts: "I have waited all my life for this."
or use: spoon, flower, bacon, or use: coffee, bed, paint

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

"It's All in the Tips #9"

The more I think about it, the more I can’t believe, all of that just happened and in my workplace of all places! I hope Marcia and Darla don’t give me a tongue lashing about being too easy or some shit.

            Even worse! I hope I don’t get fired if word of this reaches my boss! I really enjoy working here and I need to continue to work here. It’s like my second home. I’d be lost without it.

            I’m not saying or even thinking that I didn’t enjoy each and every second of his…oral invasion. I loved it! I’m just a bit…unnerved. Yes I tend bar and there’s a popular misconception that bartenders, both sexes, are very easy, but I’m not the type of girl to tongue wrestle with a guy without knowing him a bit first. It takes even more for us to full out nekkid wrestle, with oils and… Never mind that!

            Tat sighs to the right of me, “I can see you’re thinking-overthinking the situation actually, and very unnecessarily. You worry too much, it’s not healthy. You know that right? I know you don’t know me just yet. Heck, I don’t know you. One thing you have to know right here, right now. I’d never let any harm come to you or your reputation. Nor would I take advantage of you. This…what you and I have-it’s something very special. I’ve waited all my life for this and I can wait a bit longer. I’m in no rush. I just could not resist your tempting lips and enticing scent. The way you taste is…”

            He lets out a groan at the end and runs both hands through his hair, leaving it in sexy disarray. I’m so tempted to run my fingers through it to feel if it’s as soft as it looks.

            Thinking of a comeback, but falling a few seconds short because Marcia comes up behind him, “we tell her that all of the time. This chick needs a vacay or to get La-…”

            I let out a groan and scold her, “Hush woman!”

            I love my friends, but sometimes they’re too embarrassing for words!

            “Okay, okay. My lips are zipped. But he is right whether you want to admit to it or not. So there!”

            She has her hands on her hips and is tapping her foot in impatience. I make to stand from the piano seat. But can’t because Tat is still between my legs, comfortably. He doesn’t look like he wants to move from the place he’s been kneeling. He actually looks quite comfortable between my legs. He begins to rise, pausing to place a kiss on my temple. Then he turns to Marcia and holds out his hand.

            “Name is Tatius. It’s nice to meet the woman that’s claimed my cla- my friend’s heart.”

            Smiling Marcia grabs hold of his hand, “I was wondering when we’d get to meet. It’s great meeting you Tatius. My name is Marcia. I’m this chicks BFF.”

            She says pointing at me with one hand as shakes his hand with the other then briefly stiffens. It’s so quick and brief. If I would not have known her and her body language as much as I do. I wouldn’t have noticed. I wonder what caused it. Her face isn’t giving anything away. She’s actually smiling like a giddy kid. Which is the norm for her.

            I’ll make sure to ask her about it later on.

            “I was just asking Renee if she’d come with me for some coffee or something when she’s all done here.”

            Marcia allows her hand to fall back to her side and chuckles, “So that’s what you two were doing huh? Thank the stars not everyone asks like that or the entire planet will be sucking face for all eternity.”

            I snort. Can’t help but to. She’s a freaking riot! Tat seems to think so too because he lets loose a full belly laugh which shocks me a bit. Even his freak’n laugh is sexy!

            “On a more serious note. We’re all done and ready to lock up so whenever you’re ready…”

            I feel horrible. They did everything for me, again. Closing up is not all that bad as long as there’s no party, but still…

            “Thanks woman. I owe you three.”

            “You bet your ass you do chica! Now let’s blow this joint!”

            I look to Tat, his eyes gleaming with humor as he watching Marcia basically skip back toward the front. He holds out his hand and I grab it. Once again feeling that zap or zing flow through me…


            The diner is pretty empty. Everyone else declined when Renee and I asked if they’d like to join us. I’m glad they all said no so I can have time alone with Renee, but she looks a bit nervous.

            We’re sitting at an intimate table for two. There’s a fake flower in one of those narrow glass vases sitting in the center. We’ve each ordered already and made up our coffees. Renee is spooning in one more sugar cube. I love how she made hers light and extra sweet, just how I make up mine. I’m not sure why. But this makes me very happy. Certain breeds of shifters need the extra sugar. Well not so much need it, but crave it. Especially my breed, our breed, if she truly is what I think she is.

            She also ordered rye toast with two side orders of bacon. Those are two of my favorites to order as well. But I order an omelet with corned beef hash, well done and only one side of bacon with two orders of rye toast. A great compromise I think. 

            We sit in silence, eating for a bit. I break it after half of my food is gone. “Tell me about yourself Renee.”

            She pauses, about to put her last bite of toast in her mouth, “what do you want to know?”

            I lean forward, a little closer to her and look her in the eyes with a smile, “everything…”

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