Friday, April 4, 2014

Spotlight Nothing Special by A.E. Via

Author A.E. Via
WORD COUNT - 96,450
Release Date: March 21, 2014

Detective Cashel 'Cash' Godfrey is big, tattooed and angry so people typically keep their distance. He's fresh out of the police academy, however, no one is looking to partner with the six foot four beast with a huge chip on his shoulder and an inability to trust. When Cash scans the orientation room he wasn't expecting to find sexy hazel eyes locked onto him. Eyes of the handsome Detective Leonidis 'Leo' Day. 

Leo is charming, witty, hilariously sarcastic and the only one that can make Cash smile. He’s proud, out and one bad-ass detective.

Together Cash and Leo become the most revered and successful narcotics detectives Atlanta’s ever seen. Able to communicate and understand each other, without even having to voice it, they quickly climb up the promotional ranks. 

When Cash saves Leo's life in a raid that turns deadly, Leo begins to see something in the big man that no one else does…something special. But Leo fears he'll never break through the impenetrable wall that protects Cash's heart.

Nothing Special takes the reader through various emotions throughout the richly fulfilling plot that’s full of erotic gay romance, heartache, passion, trials and tribulations, police action scenes, and an intriguing twist that comes to an amazing ending that’s impossible to see coming.

Title and Synopsis created by the LaSalle Sister of Man2Mantastic

A.E. Via is the new best-selling author in the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.
When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, A.E. runs a very successful paralegal-for-hire business, and in her spare time, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children, her two pets, a Maltese dog and her white Siamese cat, ELynn, named after the late, great gay romance author E. Lynn Harris.
While this is only her third novel, she has plenty more to come. So sit back and grab a cool drink, because the male on male action is just heating up!
Go to A.E. Via’s official website for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, and where she’ll appear next.

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“I’m going to get some coffee.” Day walked off, leaving God to answer the unnecessary questions.
As soon as Day turned into the kitchen he skidded to a halt. Fuck, not right now.
“Well hello, Day. I was hoping to see you today,” Detective Johnson continued stirring his coffee.
“How’s it going?” Day said dryly and went about setting up his coffee machine.
“It’s going better now that I’m seeing you.” Detective Johnson came over to Day and stood over him. Day had to practically reach around the tall man to start the machine. “Dude, want to give me a little room here.”
“No. I like being close to you.” Detective Johnson took one long finger and slowly dragged it down the front of Day’s chest.
“Well fuckin’ unlike it.” They both jumped at the sound of God’s gruff voice.
God walked up to Day and grabbed him by the back of his neck. He spun Day around so hard that he dropped the small packs of sugar to the floor. All he could do was hold on to God’s massive biceps as he ravaged his mouth. Day let God completely control him until he was done proving his point. God released him and Day practically fell back into the counter.
“Fuck, Cash,” Day whispered, completely out of breath. After Day got his wits about him he noticed that God and Johnson were in a serious stare off over his head.
Johnson broke first and looked down at Day.
“You’re fucking God now?” Johnson asked disbelievingly.
“Okay, that just sounds wrong saying it like that, so I’m not going to comment.” Day inched away from the two giants and propped himself up on one of the break-room tables. “I think I’ll watch this one from the sidelines.”
“You’re goddamn right he’s with me. So you have to find someone else to harass every day, Johnson.” God huffed. “Or are you going to run tell daddy?”
Johnson stepped closer to God and Day watched God’s nonchalant reaction to the detective’s scowl.
“I didn’t know you batted for my team, God.”
“Johnson, even if you were on the all-star team I wouldn’t bat for your team. I’m with Day and that’s just it.” God crossed his arms.
“Well a man like Day requires commitment, effort, someone to put in full-time work. You are more of a detached from society kind of guy aren’t you, God? I mean are you up for that type of job to keep him yours?” Johnson smirked and took a sip of his coffee.
“Yeah, I know all about that job, Johnson, because I worked the hell out of it last night.” God stepped in even closer and mock whispered. “But you know what the difference is between me and you and our jobs? I usually quit mine, you end up getting fired. But seriously. You can stop applying with Day, because the position’s been fuckin’ filled.” God caught the muffin Day threw at him and walked out the door.

Day did very little to hide his grin as he drank his coffee.

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