Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crossroads Cover Reveal

Crossroads a collection by Dylan Cross
Every so often, a book comes along that jostles its readers romantically and makes us all want to fall in love. Crossroads is not that book. This is the second collection of short, dark stories by Dylan Cross. If you're squeamish or easily offended, these tales are not for you. From a secretary in a hopeless situation, to a sexy but psychotic ex seeking closure, to a blackmailed housewife... prepare yourself for a thrill ride. Just be forewarned--this is not your mother's erotica. Crossroads excerpt  
 Exclusive: Crossroads contains the Dylan Cross novella "Road Trip" detailing the further misadventures of blackmailed housewife Amanda! ... he pulled her by her hair and slammed her over the hood of the car as he fumbled with his belt. "Please..." Amanda squirmed on the hood. As he drew the belt back, she covered her exposed asscheeks with her hands. "Move your hands. Put them on the hood, bitch." Then he was holding her phone and dialing it. With horror, she saw that the phone was "Calling MARK". "Please, no," she begged... he thumbed the speakerphone icon and set the phone down, just as her husband answered. "H-hi honey," Amanda forced herself to sound normal, even as Craig's hand slid up her thigh and found its way to her shaved pussy... he slid his finger inside her and began fucking her with it. She knew how dirty this was—talking to her husband on the phone while his best friend played with her pussy. Mark started speaking to someone else on his end. Craig took this opportunity to move in "for the kill," both his hands working her furiously. He leaned over and whispered, "You dirty fucking whore. Make that married pussy cum all over my fingers... Afterward, I'm going to whip your ass for being a disobedient whore..." As her husband continued talking, she bucked against Craig's fingers, her hips seemingly having a mind of their own as her orgasm overtook her... This is a must-read for fans of Amanda's Descent! crossroads   Watch for Crossroads--coming soon! Dylan Cross is an independent author of erotica titles including Amanda's Descent and Back to School. He is a former Marine and software developer, and a founding member of the Erotic Authors Guild. Find Dylan Cross online: Official page: Blog: Facebook: Google Plus:  

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