Friday, May 13, 2016

BoBo and Piña, my two hedgie girls

Hello out there!
I hope everyone is enjoying the start to all of the beautiful weather that's to come our way (Well, we hope) lol
Some time ago, I introduced you all to my little Bobo.
So much has happened since then. One thing being that we found out my sweet BoBo is a little girl (not a boy as I first told you all). She's still sweet as sweet can be and in great health only now, she has a little (yet larger than her) sister from another mister named, Piña (the way her spines split on the top of her head look just like a pineapple top). lol
These two hit it off right from the start and they have come to learn quite a bit from one another. One thing is how to play with toilet paper tubes as you can see in the video here (the little puppy head is my fur baby, Cyan):

Here are some more photos of my two little girls for you to enjoy...

I hope they made you smile!
They sure make me smile EVERY. SINGLE. DAY <3

Who knows. Maybe I'll share my Charlie (the chinchilla) with you all next *wink*



  1. They are adorable. Back in the day when we were allowed to keep class pets, the gal in the room next to mine kept a hedgehog and we all doted on him.

    1. They're wonderful animals. I can imagine how much a classroom full of children would fall in love instantly. I just wish they live longer lives. THey really don't get enough years with us :'(


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