Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SNEAK PEEK - Teamwork (Wunder Book #3)

Here's an unedited teaser for you all from Wunder #3 Teamwork (in Pete's POV). Enjoy!

I can’t help but think how after all of the years of waiting for the woman of my dreams, literally. And now having finally finding her. Actually being able to hold her, have her, taste her…I now feel as if this amazing reality is being swept away from me and I’m not liking it one single bit.

We’ve not been alone or able to talk and get to know one another as couples should since we’ve consummated our relationship. Oh what a night it was! It’s been one thing after another since that night at the club, that amazing meeting of souls that feels so long ago. Yet has not been long at all.

We’re so fucking incredible together, in every way. Even more than I thought possible. Our bodies are so attuned to one another. It’s as if they call out and sing a song only they can hear. I know…I know. It sounds strange, but it’s the only way I can think of to express the feelings and perfection that is us.

She’s tough, sexy as hell, loyal, loving, and just absolute perfection in my eyes. I’d swear she was made just for me and only me! I plan to enjoy her, in every way possible. For the rest of my life.

I won’t tell her all of this yet. Not just yet. I don’t want to take any chances of frightening her away. Even though we’ve been on the same page from the first moment with pretty much everything. I’d rather proceed naturally. Let it flow out instead of over thinking it as I currently am, shit!

Stop right now Pete!

After we’re done with this mission. I plan to worship every single inch of her body. Showing her how I feel with no words, only actions. I know she’s a woman of action and will appreciate such a full bodied adoring session.
It sucks we have to wait even a minute longer to be alone again. I know I sound like a selfish prig. Can you blame me? I’m a greedy, selfish and hungry prig when it comes to her. This is the woman I’ve longed for practically my entire life and I want every single moment with her that I can have. I never thought I’d dislike my job as much as I do since I met Wunder. At all even! 

This is our job, our lives. We save people and help to keep things under control. It would just be nice if things quieted down for a few days, a week maybe. Some time to just enjoy the company of another you want to be with and get out the years and years of pent up sexual frustrations out with in the very best of ways. To live and reenact our dreams, many times over. 



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  1. Yay! Looking forward to reading more of Wunder and Pete!


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